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1. Where does my electricity supply come from?

Electricity is produced by the power generation companies. SP Group then transmits and distributes electricity to consumers through the national power grid.

2. Will the reliability of my electricity supply change if I switch to a new retailer?

No, it does not matter who you choose to buy electricity from. This is because SP Group will continue to operate the national power grid and deliver electricity to everyone.

3. Can my electricity retailer cut off my electricity supply?

No, your retailer cannot cut off your electricity supply. If your retailer wishes to stop selling electricity to you, your retailer is required to inform you at least 10 business days before terminating your contract, so that you can sign up with another retailer. If you cannot find another retailer in time, your account will be automatically transferred back to SP Group which will then continue to sell electricity to you at the regulated tariff. There will be no disruption to the physical supply of electricity to your premises when you change retailers.

4. Who do I contact if there is a disruption to my electricity supply?

You should contact SP Group at or call 1800-778-8888 for assistance.