Apply to Become Contestable as a Business Consumer

If you are a business consumer currently eligible to choose your electricity provider, you can apply to become contestable by downloading and completing this  application form.

Your business is eligible if:

  • The postal code of your business premises starts with 60, 61, 62, 63 or 64; OR
  • Your average monthly consumption is at least 2,000 kWh (equivalent to a monthly bill of at least $400).

You may submit your completed application form through the channels below:

  • Email a scanned copy of your application form to;
  • Request your retailer to submit the application form to SP Group on your behalf; or
  • Fax your application form to 6304 8633.

Refer to below for the list of documents which needs to be furnished together with the completed application form.

Required Documents
Non-Residential Account
Under Personal Name Under Company Name
  • Copy of NRIC/Work Pass;


  • Letter of Authorisation (for applications under Company Name)
  • Letter of Authorisation on letterhead issued by the company, indicating the authorised signatory named in the business company registration certificate and his/her NRIC/FIN no;


  • NRIC/FIN Card of authorised signatory named in the business/company registration certificate;


  • NRIC/FIN Card of company representative, and Letter of Authorisation on letterhead issued by the company, indicating the company's representative's name and NRIC/FIN Card
Copy of business/company registration certificate

* Documentary proof of occupation of premises, e.g. Tenancy Agreement or property tax

* Copy of Licence Electrical Installation (LEI) from Energy Market Authority (EMA), if the electricity load is above 45kVA

You can apply for LEI upon receipt of your MSS account number


* Not applicable if you already have an existing Utilities Account registered with SP Group