Metering Options

Learn about the types of meters and metering options, if your business intend to buy electricity from a retailer.


Meter Types

There are two types of electricity meters:


Cumulative Meter

  • If your business is currently buying electricity from SP Group at the regulated tariff, you are likely to be using a cumulative meter to measure electricity consumption. SP Group sends meter readers to your premises to record your electricity usage from cumulative meters.
  • Cumulative meters are read once every two months. On the month where your meter is not read, SP Group will estimate the month's consumption based on a methodology approved by the Energy Market Authority.

Advanced Meter

  • Advanced meters, also known as smart meters or Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) meters, allow electricity consumption to be measured at half-hourly intervals.
  • Consumers with advanced meters can view their half-hourly electricity usage on the SP App.
  • There are two types of AMI meters - single-phase and three-phase. The type of meter required for your premises depends on your premises' voltage intake level.
  • To empower households to use electricity more efficiently, advanced meters will be installed across Singapore by 2026.

You can contact SP Group at or 1800-233-8000 to find out which type of meter is installed at your premises.

Metering Options

Business consumers who wish to switch to a retailer will need to install an advanced meter (also known as a smart meter).

The advanced meter will allow you to measure your electricity consumption on a half-hourly basis. A meter installation fee (inclusive of prevailing GST) will be chargeable. Details are available under Market Support Service Charges.