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Register for your e-Services account today to view and download your electricity usage at your fingertips.

If you are buying electricity from SP Group, you will be able to access your electricity bill and consumption information via the SP Utilities portal.

Simply follow the steps below to register your account for your business.

Step 1 - Fill Out Application Form

Fill out your application form for an e-Services account here.

Step 2 - Print

After filling out your details, print a copy of the form.

Step 3 - Sign

Complete your application form with a company stamp and authorised signature.

Step 4 - Scan & Submit

Scan a copy of your application form and submit the form here.

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If you encounter any difficulties submitting your application form through this website, you may email a scanned copy of your application form to

What can I do via e-Services?

View Historical Consumption Charts

  • View your consumption details in half-hourly, weekly, monthly and yearly intervals.
  • Compare your consumption usage across different time periods.

Update Account Details

  • Self-help functionality to change your account password.
  • Keep your account details up-to-date via self-service function.