Please complete and the submit this form if you apply for a MSS account.

Customers who wish to apply for contestability under the Demand Aggregation Scheme (DAS) or the En Bloc Contestability Scheme (Enbloc) can click here for information on the DAS guidelines or here for more information on the Enbloc guidelines.

If you wish to make payment for your electricity usage through GIRO, please complete and submit the following form to SP Group.

If you wish to update SP Services on your new mailing address, please complete and submit this form to SP Group.

For consumers whose meters are connected through a telephone line and wish to change their telephone line, please complete and submit this form to SP Group. Please ensure that your contractor connects the telephone line to the correct distribution point. You may contact your IDA-approved installer / telephone contractor to assist you.

Retailers who wish to engage SP Group’s service for disconnection of their customer’s installation* due to non-renewal of Electrical Installation License need to complete and submit this form to SP Group.

* Installation is at least 45 kVA and directly connected to the transmission system.

If you wish to close your contestable account, please complete and submit this form to SP Group. Note that SP Group will require at least 7 business days to process the application.

For consumers who are buying electricity from retailers, it is advisable to check with your retailers whether there are any requirements and/or procedures to terminate the retail contract agreement. Your retailers will arrange the account closure on your behalf.

Please complete and submit this form if you are

  1. applying for PV and embedded generation
  2. applying for PV rebate
  3. applying for a scheme switch from metered to solar generation profile or vice versa