Check out these resources on Open Electricity Market for business consumers.

Educational Materials
Download booklets, brochures and other materials on Open Electricity Market.
Watch our videos on Open Electricity Market.
Apply for Contestability
Apply to become contestable here.
Apply for e-Services
Register for your e-Services account to view and download your electricity usage.
Download forms to update your address, close your account and perform other transactions.
Demand Side Management
Learn more about how you can reduce your electricity bills by managing how much and when you use electricity.
Terms and Conditions
Download standard terms and conditions for contestable consumers in Open Electricity Market and for transmission services.
Codes of Practice
Read the codes of practice issued by the Energy Market Authority to regulate the activities and conduct of the electricity industry.
Learn more about billing-related charges, such as Market Support Services charges and Transmission Loss Factors.
Vesting Contracts
Learn more about vesting contracts and how they are calculated.