Refer to the Energy Market Authority (EMA)’s guide on becoming a licensed electricity retailer.

The Market Participant Kit (Kit) provides guidance and direction to Participants to help them design, develop and deploy a software solution for enabling access to the Electronic Business Transaction (EBT) system. The Kit also describes the process for market participant testing and certification.

The Market Participant Manual (Manual) outlines the general purpose and functionality of the EBT system, and an overview of the functionality that all EBT system participants must have in order to utilise the system.

The Market Participant Test Scripts (Test Scripts) details the steps to be performed, data to be used and schedule to be followed by Participants undertaking Market Participant testing.

Codes of Practice

Read the codes of practice issued by EMA to regulate the activities and the conduct of the electricity industry.


Learn more about billing-related charges, such as Market Support Services charges and Transmission Loss Factors.

Vesting Contracts

Learn more about vesting contracts and how they are calculated.